Are you planning an event and worried to choose the right catering service which is not only affordable but also reliable? Planning an event involves many important details, which need to be catered and most important among them is to choose the right catering service. A perfect catering service will raise your event to high standards and leave a lasting impact on your guests. If you are looking for affordable and reliable catering services in your area, here is a guide to help you find the perfect option in your area. Fresh Bites, which is a premier catering service in Abu Dhabi offers you some tips to make your research on the catering services across the town easier and effective.

Steps to Find Affordable and Reliable Catering Services

  • Conduct a detailed research

When you are planning to find the best catering services, you have to begin your research online by looking at the best options in your area. Use the platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews and social media to find the best testimonials and reviews. This will help you to find a quality catering service in Abu Dhabi, which has reliability as well.

  • Find Recommendations

When you visit your family, friends and colleagues, ask for their recommendations or if they know someone who has past experience with a catering company, ask for their contact number. If you know someone who has a past experience with some local caterers, they can give you valuable reviews.

  • Verify Credentials

When you are going through the research process, make sure that catering service you choose must be accredited from a license body and has all necessary safety and health certifications. This is important that the food that is being served at your event is prepared in a safe and hygienic environment.

  • Compare Proposals and Quotes

Before choosing one catering service for your event, contact several catering services and requests quotes and proposals. Ask for their best packages and promotions. Now when you have been offered different proposals, compare and contrast their packages and prices. It might be possible that some caterers offer you additional services like table settings, serving staff and cleanup with no additional charges.

  • Schedule Tasting

Before you make a final decision to choose a catering service, you need to schedule food tastings with several caterers. This allows you to do a sample test of their food and service to ensure that it meet your expectations. It also gives you a good opportunity to customize your menu based on your preferences and dietary requirements and ask for any changes if required

  • Evaluate Customer Service

You need to pay attention on how responsive and professional the catering service is during your communication and interaction. A reliable catering service is the one who has the most effective communication skills, that is willing to prompt to your queries and flexible with your needs

  • Review your contract carefully

Once you have finalized the catering service and chosen them for your next event, the next step is signing the contract. Make sure that you review the contact thoroughly. Ensure that it contains all the details including venue, menu, time, number of guests, service provided, and payment terms. If something is not clear, you must not hesitate to ask for clarifications on any point…


It is a difficult task to find authentic catering services in Abu Dhabi. Before you contract with a catering service, it is very crucial that you find the one that suits your needs. It is important to check customer reviews, ask for recommendations, check credentials, and go for a food tasting to confirm the authenticity of a catering service. With the help of these tips and tricks, you can find a caterer that perfectly suits your needs and provides delicious food with excellent catering service at your event.


Q1: How do I get to know that a catering service is reliable?

A: The best way is to find the reliability of a catering service in Abu Dhabi, is to find online reviews, ask for people recommendations and check the certifications and credentials of the catering company.

Q2: What do I compare the quotes of different catering services?

A: You do not have to compare the prices of the catering services only but also the packages and promotions they have been providing. If some catering service is giving you additional services, you must choose that service.

Q3: How important is it to schedule a tasting with a caterer?

A: Testing the food is the most crucial part, as it allows you to sample the food, discuss the menu and ensure that caterer meets your expectations

Q4: What should I consider while signing the contract?

A: You must consider that venue, menu, timing, number of guests and the service they are providing everything should be mentioned on the contract