A “smart cafeteria” that allows families to virtually select their children’s meals


A “smart cafeteria” that allows families to virtually select their children’s meals

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has launched the “Smart Canteen” project, which enables government school students to participate virtually with their children in choosing their meals from the school’s “canteen”.

The Foundation explained to “Emirates Today” that the smart canteen is a platform to support students’ families, and identifies the student’s identity and data through the chip in the card that is distributed to students, and enables the student’s guardian to enter the platform through the “guardian’s account” on the main page. On the caterer’s meal portal, on which the student’s data details appear, to allocate his meals on a daily basis, with the appropriate healthy meals.

The Acting Director General of the Emirates Schools Establishment, Muhammad Al-Qasim, confirmed that the Foundation has made great strides in strengthening its smart educational system, by providing it with all the elements of its leadership, benefiting from the latest technological technologies related to educational affairs, and employing them as a service for the purposes of education and learning, in line with the latest trends. relevant global.

Emirates Schools Establishment Smart Cafeteria

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He added that the Foundation is working to strengthen its educational system, by taking advantage of advanced technological technologies in the educational field, with the aim of keeping pace with the rapid technological development and improving educational outcomes by ensuring the provision of quality education to students in a sustainable manner that achieves the national goals related to the education sector.

The projects recently launched by the Foundation include the “Future Laboratories” platform, which includes more than 55 educational experiments that simulate educational concepts for five curricula, which is one of the most important scientific platforms that support the educational process and go along with it, because it provides students with the scientific skills that make them qualified They are able to carry out scientific experiments and laboratory activities at a high level, and not be limited to the implementation of methodological experiments related to the textbook.

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